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Hi Everyone, Wanted to invite you to Listen to Invent America!

Invent America is part of the HomeTalk USA radio show.  It has been syndicated across America for 24 years.  Adding the Invent America segment last October was our way of providing good, honest information to American inventors.  Now that we have 6 months of broadcasting/streaming on 8 different platforms, we are looking to add the expert/sponsors to the family.  This is the perfect place for new products to be advertised and get the American consumer support for the gutsy guy/gal who pushes a product to market.  Our listeners are excited to hear about inventors and new products and where the products can be purchased.


There is another reason we need you,  our sponsors become our “go-to” experts for the show…and it’s not just radio…..we are doing free virtual inventor meetings.  The Inventor Roundtable meetings are like the call-in part of the show.  Inventors at all stages can login to the meeting and talk to the seasoned inventors who are our sponsors.  We also do video that is posted on the streaming platforms as well where you can show-off your product.  Your logo could be right there.  It is a win-win for the new inventors to hear about and ask questions of experienced inventors and service providers.

We are now airing on over 100 channels every Saturday afternoon.  We have over 1mil. listeners every week.

Listen to “Invent America” every week on HomeTalkUSA, which airs on Genesis Communications Network (“GCN”) Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm CT, and stream and download radio broadcasts and TV episodes at

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There is NO charge for inventors to be on the show.

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Topics for April and May 2023

April 10th: What is a first prototype like?

April 17th: Investor vs Shark

April 24th: The Post Pandemic Market is retooling

May 1st:   Picking a good Tradeshow

May 8th:  Reality check of the $$ needed.

May 15th:  Cool Fun Stuff

May 22:  In the beginning…….

May 29th:  The other types of Intellectual Property

Pending Topics

Inventors with multiple inventions and the challenges that result.

What does a company want in order to evaluate a product.

What to expect at a trade dhow

Do you need a prototype

Sales sheets 101

Branding your product

Follow-up with companies after a trade show (or anytime)

Does a Patent mean success?

Service providers overseas

How to name your product.

Our friends in Canada

You can’t invent more time

The difference between a Design Patent and a Utility Patent.

Join the Team and get your Product/Service out there.

            Rita Crompton



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