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Family Tree Box of Blocks

Introduce your family to a unique blend of fun and education with the Family Tree Box of Blocks, an heirloom gift that brings generations together. This innovative set is more than just a collection of blocks; it’s a tactile way to explore your family history and relationships.


The Family Tree Box of Blocks includes:


2 Parent Size Blocks (1 ½”x3”x6”): Representing the immediate generation.

4 Grandparent Size Blocks (1 ½”x3”x3”): Symbolizing the previous generation.

8 Great Grandparent Size Blocks (1 ½”x1 ½”x3”): For the great grandparents’ generation.

16 Great-Great Grandparent Size Blocks (1 ½”x1 ½”x 1 ½”): Illustrating the ancestors.

Each block set is thoughtfully designed to represent different generations, with equal genetic influence highlighted through their sizes. A distinctive feature of this set is the “Family Tree” diagram on the back of each block, providing an engaging visual guide to building your family tree.

The brilliance of this design is that no matter how the blocks are arranged in the box, they all fit perfectly, symbolizing the harmony and interconnectedness of family generations.

Created with the concept of exploring genealogy in a playful manner, the Family Tree Box of Blocks is an ideal gift for families, educators, and anyone interested in ancestry and lineage. It’s not only a learning tool but also a meaningful way to connect with one’s heritage.

For licensing information or to make this timeless gift a part of your family’s tradition, contact Rita Crompton, the licensing agent, at or call at 303-910-8889.




Family Tree Box of Blocks

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